2014 Camaro Pro Mod at the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals
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2014 Camaro Pro Mod at the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals


One of the most exciting divisions in NHRA Drag Racing, the Pro-Mod class has a new entrant, and it’s none other than the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro. The Don Walsh Jr. / Precision Turbo team will be making their second qualifying attempt with their all new 2014 Camaro Pro Mod this upcoming weekend at the Chevrolet Performance NHRA US Nationals this weekend.


Don Walsh Jr. will take this absolutely mean looking 2014 Camaro up against the best in the NHRA Pro Mod division including Mike Janis, Ricky Smith, and Mike Castellana, just to name a few. This is such a competitive class with cars from all makes, models, and years. Pushing 4000 hp in some cases, these cars can run the ¼ mile in under 6 seconds at over 250 MPH!


“On behalf of the whole Walsh Motorsports/Precision Turbo team, we are very excited to get the new car out and make some laps with it,” explained driver, Don Walsh Jr. “As with any project it's all about the people and companies that work together to pull something like this together. I would like to thank the whole team including Harry Hruska, Justin Haddon, Mike Begley, and Chris Church for all of the time everyone has dedicated to the race car. I would also like to thank Jeffers Race Cars, Galot Motorsports, Hyperaktive, Strange Engineering, VP Fuels, Ifl group, Pro Torque and so many more people that have helped put this together. We look forward to developing this car into one of the premier Turbo Pro Mod cars.”


Sitting right in front of Don, a massive 526 Cubic Inch engine with an 88mm billet wheel Precision Turbocharger, putting out about 3000 HP. That, along with his all new lightweight carbon fiber 2014 Camaro body from Larry Jeffers, Don Jr. will definitely be a force to be reckoned with for the remainder of the NHRA Pro Mod season.


Don will make his first pass of the weekend in NHRA Pro Mod Qualifying Session #1 Friday night at 5:30PM. Eliminations begin for the Pro Mod class on Sunday at 2:00PM.




Read the full weekend schedule here and check out The BLOCK’s Chevrolet Performance US Nationals Preview article here (link this to our FUEL newsletter preview article).




Good luck Don, we are pulling for you this weekend in Indiana! Those of you close to the Indianapolis area, make sure to check out the race if you are free over this extended holiday weekend.


Remaining NHRA Pro Mod Schedule

Sept. 26-28th – St. Louis, MO

Oct. 31-Nov 2nd – Las Vegas, NV




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