ATI Racing - Breaking Records with COPO Camaro #008
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ATI Racing - Breaking Records with COPO Camaro #008



The last time we saw JC Beattie was when he won the SSA/A Super Stock class at the Chevrolet Performance NHRA U.S. Nationals in his ATI Racing COPO Camaro. Now where are we seeing him? On the cover of Drag Racer magazine!


It’s only been a few weeks since the Nationals, but JC and team have been very busy. In addition to their Drag Racer cover they’ve been having fun and breaking records with COPO #008 on the track...


JC Beattie

“This weekend was the first time running the car in air under 75 degrees and the performance really took off! Actually, it ‘took off’ a little more than we expected, and we set the Super Stock SSA/A record at 8.449s and 161.83mph!”


But a record wasn’t all that the ATI Racing COPO team was awarded.


JC Beattie

“The NHRA staff at the event awarded us "Best Engineered" for the weekend, and the 8.449 pass was plenty good to be the number one qualifier out of a field of 75 cars. This was at 3600 lbs, on a true 10.5" Hoosier, and running VP C16. The performance really speaks volumes for the package the guys at GM put together for the COPO owners to race.”


Be on the lookout for JC and the ATI Racing Camaro on the cover of November’s Drag Racer magazine! 


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