Coming to a Track Near You: The Chevrolet Ride and Drive
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Coming to a Track Near You: The Chevrolet Ride and Drive


You’ve been to the dealerships. You’ve been on the standard “test drives” with car salesmen. But what’s the best way to put your favorite Chevrolet vehicles up to the test? The Chevrolet Ride and Drive.

Chevrolet brings a fleet of test vehicles to various events across the country just so that YOU can drive them. Now, these courses aren’t the standard, tedious, take-it-around-the-block-of-your-car-dealership test drives. This is a specially made course where you can safely have some fun seeing what your favorite Chevrolet would handle like in the real world. But there’s one car you don’t drive, but still get a ride in…

Chevrolet has partnered with Bondurant School of High-Performance Racing to have its drivers at Chevrolet Ride and Drive events, offering consumers rides in the one and only 2014 Corvette Stingray. The Bondurant drivers take to the wheel while participants strap in the passenger seat and hold on. These drivers show them what the Stingray is made of on the custom test course, and afterwards participants can share an in-car video of their test drive socially.

2014’s Chevrolet Ride and Drives kicked off with Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, but there are still four more opportunities for you to check it out. Take a look at the schedule below to see if the Ride and Drive is coming to an event near you, and have a gander at The BLOCK’s video to see all that’s in store at the Ride and Drive experience!

  • Barrett Jackson West Palm Beach, FL - April 11-13th
  • Barrett Jackson Hot August Nights Reno, NV - July 31st – August 2nd
  • Barrett Jackson Las Vegas, NV - September 25-27th
  • SEMA Las Vegas, NV - November 4th-7th

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