Engineer Spotlight: Jeff Kettman on the COPO Camaro Hood
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Engineer Spotlight: Jeff Kettman on the COPO Camaro Hood


With its confident stance, angular beltline and flared fenders, the Chevy Camaro has one of the meanest profiles around. But what if you wanted to make your already aggressive 5th Gen look even meaner? Sure, the 1LE Track Pack can further enhance your stance and handling capabilities, and larger rear wheels and tires can lend additional track-ready performance – but nothing screams, “you can’t contain this powerplant,” like a raised, cowl-induction style hood. That’s why Chevrolet Performance is now offering its COPO Camaro Hood to the public, so that you too can reap the benefits of an extra four inches of clearance to fit that supercharger or high-rise intake under your hood.

However, as cool as this hood looks, we must let you know up front that it is not intended for use on the street, it’s purpose-built for off-road use only. We sat down with Jeff Kettman, Assistant Manager of Integrated Business Partners and Licensing at Chevrolet Performance to get his take on how this special hood came to be, and get down to the nitty gritty of what went into it crafting this special piece of equipment.

Jeff Kettman

"We started by taking a look at some of the aftermarket hoods that were already available. In our initial testing the aftermarket hoods were not stiff enough, you could see them fluttering in the in-car test videos. So none of the available hoods met the design staff’s criteria, nor did they instill any confidence when it came to performance. So we started working with design staff to design a new hood that would retain the Camaro cues while subtly recalling some of the original COPO styling. This began in the design center with a car and hood clayed-up to develop the preliminary shape.

Once the initial shape was finalized we translated that to CAD data to send the hood to the prototyping phase. We worked with a supplier well versed in lightweight composite materials to craft the first prototype hoods out of fiberglass. We used S-glass fiberglass, which is a little bit lighter than standard fiberglass. It’s vacuum-bagged to help squeeze excess resins out and then fully bonded all around the perimeter. With the inner liner the hood weighs only about 30lbs total.

We’ve given enough clearance for the COPO supercharger or high-rise intake on the 427, which is about 4-inches of additional clearance. Our hood is stiffer across the cowl, preventing any fluttering like the aftermarket hoods we observed. Another key differentiator between our hood and other aftermarket hoods, our inner liner is bonded, so it’s got a very nice finished look to it and uses all the production hinge and gas lift struts, so it fits with standard equipment."

So there you have it, folks, a lightweight Camaro hood that will bolt right on to your existing 5th Gen. For further product information and details where to purchase a COPO Camaro Cowl-Induction Style Hood of your own, contact your local Chevrolet Performance dealer. 

COPO Camaro Cowl-Induction Style Hood

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