Engineer Spotlight: Rocko Parker on the LSX-DR Cylinder Heads
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Engineer Spotlight: Rocko Parker on the LSX-DR Cylinder Heads


Last week we caught up with Rocko Parker, drag-racing enthusiast and Chevrolet Performance Engineer, to discuss components of the Chevrolet Performance LSX454R, the ultimate LSX crate engine. 

This week we’re looking at the LSX-DR Cylinder Heads. Inspired by the Corvette C5.R cylinder heads, these are made for achieve maximum power and optimal compression. 

Rocko Parker

The LSX Cylinder Heads are really geared towards drag racing. They’ve got big ports, can handle high RPM and a lot of airflow. They’re based off the Corvette C5.R heads. We raised the ports 10mm from that, we opened up the ports, for engines in the 454 to 500cu inch. It’s got a thicker 5/8” deck on it, so if you want to use nitrous or some kind of super charger you’ve got the space for that, meaning it’s got a lot of power potential. It’s got a small compression chamber to make high compression ratios easier. They can be machined larger, but most drag racers want to run between 13 to 15:1 compression ratios.

We made over 600 1/4 mile passes with the full 454R engine featuring these heads. We don’t warranty our drag racing engines, but we want to make sure a customer can go at least 2 years without performing any maintenance to it. When drag racing with some of my testing engines I was making 800hp at 7,000 RPM.”

The LSX-DR Cylinder Heads Feature:

  • Fully CNC ported construction
  • 356-T6 aluminum racing head 
  • 5/8" thick deck 
  • LSX-DR rectangle intake port design – requires
  • LSX-DR intake manifold 
  • LSX-CT/DR spread port exhaust port pattern 
  • Cast-in down-nozzle bosses (not machined) 
  • Designed for up to 2.280" intake and 1.620" exhaust valves
  • (4.165" minimum bore) 
  • Machined for 1.660" valve springs 
  • 11° valve angle 
  • Minimum 4.125" bore 
  • Beryllium-copper intake and exhaust seats
  • 313cc CNC’d intake ports 
  • 116cc CNC’d exhaust ports 
  • 50cc CNC’d combustion chambers 
  • Requires 19201808 shaft-mount Rocker Kit 
  • Capable of over 900 naturally aspirated horsepower! 
  • Installed on LSX454R engine assembly.

Looking to add the LSX-DR Cylinder Heads to your crate engine? Or up the ante on the track with a complete LSX454R crate engine? Head to to find a dealer!

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