Engineer Spotlight: Tom Bierbower on the  ZZ383
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Engineer Spotlight: Tom Bierbower on the ZZ383


In life, and cars, we often look for the best of both worlds... For instance, wouldn't an engine that provided Chevy big-block performance and the efficiencies of a small block be a great combo?

Well, the Chevrolet Performance ZZ383 (P/N 12498772) offers just that:  bona fide big-block power in a small-block package. Recently we caught up with Chevrolet Performance engineer, Tom Bierbower, and he gave us some thoughts on the ZZ383, for those who may be on the hunt for a new power plant for an upcoming project.

"In my opinion, the ZZ383 is the 'baddest' small-block we make! It has a unique stroke, 3.800 inches, a little longer than a few other aftermarket equivalents. It uses the fast-burn cylinder heads, which we upgraded this year. It has an aggressive roller cam in it. This year we also added a single plane intake manifold. That engine will make 450-hp and 460 ft-lbs of torque, so its really big-block power in a small-block package. It’s really just an awesome motor.

If you’re looking for a small-block I’d really recommend putting this in any classic muscle car. Those fast-burn cylinder heads are a dual pattern, so if you have a mid-year Corvette you can take this engine, paint it orange, put aluminum valve covers on it and your factory intake manifold, and nobody would know the difference. Nobody would know that you’ve got a 450hp engine instead of a 350hp or so engine. But, it’s brand new and it has a warranty."

If you want more info on using the ZZ383 in your next project head to to find a dealer near you!

Image 1 - ZZ383 Crate Engine

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