Five of the Fastest Chevy-Powered Cars on Planet Earth
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Five of the Fastest Chevy-Powered Cars on Planet Earth


Well, another October is upon us, and we all know what that means; the leaves are changing, there's a chill in the air, and the frightful fun of All Hallows' Eve is just around the corner. That being the case, we thought, wouldn't it be a blast to (monster) mash the gas pedal and get around that corner just a tad quicker? After all, nobody wants to arrive at the Halloween party late to either: a.) Discover some other ghost or goblin sporting the same "original" costume. b.) Wind up bobbing for the last remaining apple. Or c.) both.

With such frightening thoughts in mind, we set out to find five of the fastest Chevy-powered vehicles on the planet in hopes we could to help you avoid such ghoulish scenarios. Our criteria were simple, really: The vehicle must have a monstrous Chevy power plant. And— it must be able to elude zombies, vampires, or werewolves— at a significant rate of velocity (only if the need should need ever arise, of course).

The BLOCK team swiftly started turning over stones and wound up in one the usual "haunts," the Bonneville Salt Flats, where three of the five cars we chose scare the competition whenever they appear. From there, we hit the drag strip and caught up with the spooky-fast Banks Power Sidewinder S-10 diesel drag truck! Then we made our way down to Texas to check out the Lingenfelter Performance ZL1 to see what made it the first ZL1 to crack the frighteningly fast 200+mph barrier.

So, who's up for a daring dose of high-speed Halloween fun? Well, strap on those safety belts and prepare yourselves for a wickedly fast ride through these five! In no particular order — let's go trick or treating, shall we?

The Moore Boys #344 Corvette

Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats has long been known as a place where the world's fastest vehicles come to test their mettle, so it's no surprise that our journey starts here.

The Moore Boys, a 1984 Corvette powered by a 572 Chevy, has been wreaking havoc on the salt and on its competition for years. The namesake of its captain Bobby Moore, the #344 car has long held the title of "World's Fastest Corvette."

According to Bobby, "When we were invited to display our car at the National Corvette Museum, most 'owners' there were quick to explain why their car was so special because it was 'one of whatever made that year with these particular features.' Well, that got to be a little old as my #344 AA/GT has been the 'World's Fastest Corvette' for over 10 years — with a record speed of 268.298 mph on pump gas — no supercharger, no nitrous."

"The #344 Corvette holds five SCTA-BNI (Bonneville) records: AA/GT, A/GT, AA/GMS, A/GMS & A/FMS. What makes it the 'World's Fastest Corvette' is the 268.298 mph blast in stock GT (Grand Touring). I have been faster in the modified classes but really cherish the aforementioned title. The car has 1,100 hp 572ci BBC engine at Bonneville's 4,300' altitude but less on most race days as density altitude is usually around 6,000'," continued Mr. Moore.

Well, folks, if that's not "scary fast," we're not sure what is!

Peggy's Pickup #1333

When we initially reached out to Bobby Moore about the World's Fastest Corvette, he soon after told us about his girlfriend, Peggy Vaught, who drives the World's Fastest production El Camino on the salt. You'll notice the similar paint scheme.

As Mr. Moore tells us "Peggy's Pickup, #1333, has my spare 1,100 hp 588ci BBC and she has been over 205 mph in stock form (which is faster than any other 'Mino to date). The Bonneville Board is voting on the addition of an El Camino type class hopefully for next year."

"Peggy and I both rely on BBCs to get the job done with all that famous Chevy horsepower. We hit max RPM in the first mile and never let up for the remaining four miles, which would reduce some motors to the 'recycle bin.' I have seen both oil and water temps approaching 300 degrees without a single catastrophic failure on really hot days in the shutdown area on the salt."

"Peggy and I are both amateur racers that love the thrill of speed and the friendship of our fellow salt flat enthusiasts."

Hot Rod Magazine 1980 Camaro

The Hot Rod Magazine 1980 Camaro is a beast, through and through. Keith and Tonya Turk own the car, while Hot Rod Magazine Editor in Chief, David Freiburger, owns the engine. Outside of flat-out looking mean and sounding even meaner, it boasts a virtual slew of records, including holding the record in the B/CBGALT Class at Bonneville — at a whopping 243.015 mph! Along the way the car also set a record with an out-of-the-box stock ZZ572.

Last year while attempting to set yet another record on the Flats, the Camaro shook a tube loose on the first pass. Determined, Dave scoured the record books for something attainable. He and the crew did the math and figured if they ran on two cylinders they could grab the record for small-displacement engine class.

And that's just what they did — ultimately reaching 32 mph on a dead engine run.

Banks Power Sidewinder S-10

In 2007, the Banks Sidewinder S-10 debuted with a 7.96 at 167.34 mph and became the first diesel pickup in the 7s, making it the quickest, and fastest, diesel drag truck in the world. Then in 2009 this monster came back to pillage the asphalt, once again. The S-10 went on to set both the national speed and ET records in the Pro-Stock Division of NHRDA with 7.77 at 180 mph! Fearsome numbers, indeed.

Lingenfelter Camaro ZL1

For the second time in our scary-fast "trick-or-treat" travels, Hot Rod Editor in Chief, David Freiburger turns up. You can often find Dave in a costume, that of a racecar driver. But he's not just playin' "dress up." Dave is real serious when it comes to speed.

Back in April, Mr. Freiburger teamed up with the good folks at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and set out to become the first to take the mighty ZL1 over the 200 mph mark. And, though it was a challenging day, one where things were looking dim, Dave and the crew from Lingenfelter pushed the ZL1— and saw it eclipse the 200 mph barrier, clocking in at a cool 202.67 mph, at the Continental Tire Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas.

The BLOCK would like to give a spirited Halloween "thank you" to Bobby Moore, Peggy Vaught, Dave Freiburger and the teams at Hot Rod Magazine, Banks Power and Lingenfelter Performance Engineering for their contributions to this story.

We wish you all a happy, safe, and, of course, fasssst Halloween.

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