On The Line with Pro Stock Camaro Driver Jason Line
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On The Line with Pro Stock Camaro Driver Jason Line


Record setting Pro Stock racer Jason Line has his sights set on victory at this year’s 2013 Chevrolet Performance NHRA U.S. Nationals.

Line and his Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro are no stranger to the iconic NHRA race or the Lucas Oil Raceway. During 2011’s qualifying rounds Line set a Pro Stock track record of 6.583 seconds that still stands to this day. Now Line and his team are working hard to achieve record times that lead them to the Winner’s Circle.

The BLOCK staff made our way through the pits over to Jason Line’s rig to chat with him about his current season and the competition this weekend in Indianapolis.

Tell us about your season so far:

Jason Line

“Indy is the big goal. My season has been less than spectacular to be honest, it just hasn’t been that good, but it’s going to turn around this weekend. We’re really excited to have a brand new Chevrolet Camaro here, and I think we’ve got a great shot to give everybody some fits around here, so I’m really excited about this race.”


It’s a 499 cubic inch Chevrolet big-block. It’s a drag-race purpose built engine with a lot of power. We rev ‘em up real high, roughly 10,500 rpms is where you shift them at, maybe a little higher for some. If you like naturally aspirated engines these are bad to the bone, over 1,400 horsepower, and it’s a kick to drive!

Driving it is definitely a challenge. Drag racing is a simple sport in concept but very difficult in execution. It’s a manually shifted 5-speed transmission, so you’re very busy during the first part of the race track. I’m in second gear for about .7 seconds and in fifth gear by the 1/8 mile. After that you kinda just hang on and enjoy the ride!

What are the physical demands of driving a Pro Stock car like?

Jason Line

It’s a little over 3G’s when you let the clutch in, so that’ll get your attention. But it’s more mentally demanding than physically. You have to be sharp and can not make any mistakes. If you’re not error free then you’re going home.

What advice would you give to our Camaro owners who are interested in getting into drag racing?

Jason Line

Drag racing is awesome, do not wait, get into it now. It’s a cool sport that you can enjoy with your whole family, and then the next thing you know they’ll be driving! There are six of us in my family, my Mom is 69 years old and she’s still drag racing her Chevelle. So don’t wait, and congratulations on buying the best muscle car out there.

Pro Stock’s qualifying rounds begin on Friday and continue through Sunday, making for a long weekend of racing before Monday’s Final Eliminations. The BLOCK team will be on-site rooting Jason and the Summit Racing team on!

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