Mobil 1 / Chevrolet Performance Silverado - The...

After putting over 4,400 miles in a month and a half on the Mobil 1 / Chevrolet Performance Silverado, it’s time for some upgrades. Not because our truck needs it, but because we want it! Mobil 1 graciously provided us the 2015 Silverado 1500 LTZ with the intention of serving as a tool to bring even better stories for all the...

Published on: 3/5/15


With all the praise the C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is receiving, we figured it would be a great idea to go back in time and look at the development of the first-ever Z06 - the C2 1963 split-window desgined and orchestrated by Zora Duntov.

Published on: 3/4/15

World’s First 9-Second 2015 Z06

The 2015 Corvette Z06 rolls off the showroom floor already as one incredible piece of Chevrolet engineering. Leaving the factory as the most powerful production car ever from Chevrolet, we knew it wouldn’t be long before tuners across the nation would start seeing how much potential the LT4 powerplant offers.

Published on: 3/3/15

Adding To The Legacy - Dale Jr And His 2015...

The Earnhardt name is one that is synonymous with Chevrolet. Starting with his grandfather Ralph and his father Dale Sr., Dale Earnhardt Jr. continues to add to his family’s legacy by exclusively racing behind the wheel of a Chevrolet. His passion for the bowtie extends beyond just NASCAR®. When Jr. turned 16, he had a simple...

Published on: 3/2/15

Weekend Overdrive: February 27-March 1

It's time for "Weekend Overdrive" on The BLOCK – your weekly motorsports and automotive show roundup. Each and every Friday, we'll provide you with all the dates and times you'll need to stay plugged into the world of Chevrolet motorsports and events over the weekend.

Published on: 2/27/15

#tbt - C2 Z06 - Inception of a Vision

With the release of the 2015 Z06, and the praise it’s already received from critics around the world, we wanted to take a step back in time and discuss how the Z06 has evolved since its inception in 1963. Since then, the Z06 has transformed the American sports car market, and today’s Z06 is the most capable of the track-oriented...

Published on: 2/26/15

WALLPAPER WEDNESDAY: Mobil 1 / Chevrolet...

While passing through the Appalachian Mountains in the Mobil 1 / Chevrolet Performance Silverado, we decided to get some nice burnout shots for you to enjoy and post up as a wallpaper download.

Published on: 2/25/15

Chevrolet Performance Parts For Your Camaro

Chevrolet knows better than anyone else what it takes to get every ounce of performance possible out of a Camaro. They proved this fact over and over again the past few years as they unveiled the 1LE, ZL1, and the mighty Z/28. The creation of these models no longer have to be a point of jealousy for fifth-gen owners as Chevrolet...

Published on: 2/24/15

Road Trip to Nashville - Introducing the Mobil 1...

So, The BLOCK team huddled together at a computer and went to to build our ideal truck, you know, just in case there was something to what Mobil 1 was asking for. We chose an LTZ Silverado with 4WD (because you never know where your truck may take you) and decided to go for the crew cab, short box so we could...

Published on: 2/23/15

10 Facts You May Not Know about the DAYTONA 500®

The DAYTONA 500® is a race that doesn’t need an introduction. It is, without a doubt, the marquee NASCAR® event of the year. For those that are lucky enough to attend, they have the opportunity to witness motorsports history being made before their very eyes every February.

Published on: 2/20/15