Turning Left: Chevrolet Performance’s Circle Track Line Up
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Turning Left: Chevrolet Performance’s Circle Track Line Up


Well, 2013’s Performance Racing Industry trade show has made its way back to the heartland of circle track racing, Indianapolis, Indiana. And what better way to celebrate the return to the Hoosier state than to chat a bit about Chevrolet Performance’s circle track line up.

Affordable, powerful, and dependable, Chevrolet Performance’s circle track engine lineup offers 4 unique options for your race car. Special Programs Manager Bill Martens is our go-to circle track expert and, luckily for us, he took the time to chat with us about the circle track engine display at PRI 2013.

The CT350, CT355 and CT400 circle track motors are steeped in a deep heritage. “The original 350 V8 design goes back to 1955,” Bill tells us. “And even though we don't build these for production vehicles anymore, we'll still be making these for a long, long time.” And while the foundation of these engines has been in production for over 50 years, that’s not to say there aren’t some technological advances in the circle track engine program. For instance, 2013 saw the introduction of new Fastburn aluminum heads on the CT400, incorporating the latest in beehive valvespring technology to provide more stability at higher RPMs. This means more usable horsepower and more durability for your race engine.

On the other end of the circle track spectrum is the relatively new CT525. This LS3-based beast is “a nasty motor.” As Bill put it. “It’s just nasty, it sounds like a race motor.” Producing 525hp isn’t the only advantage of the CT525, it’s all aluminum construction also saves 100lbs over a comparable motor, a significant advantage since weight reduction is crucial to improving lap time. On top of that the engine is priced very affordably, especially compared to a custom built engine. And you can have more confidence in the CT525 as its been through Chevrolet’s extensive validation and testing programs.

The Chevrolet Performance circle track line up provides an option for every racer. From classic, heritage based motors to the latest in performance technology, the affordability, power and dependability of these engines is undeniable.

Interested in incorporating a Chevrolet Performance engine into your circle track program? Then click here to find a Chevrolet Performance dealer and learn more! 

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