Weekend Overdrive: Nov 27 - 29

It's time for "Weekend Overdrive" on The BLOCK – your weekly motorsports and automotive show roundup.

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Published on: 11/27/15

Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us Here at The BLOCK...

No matter what Chevrolet you happen to be in today, be it a beautiful Torch Red Z51 Stingray or a classic C10, we just hope you're out enjoying it with your loved ones. Here's to a Happy Thanksgiving from The BLOCK.

Now get out and drive!

Published on: 11/26/15

WALLPAPER WEDNESDAY: Happy Thanksgiving: 2015

Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays, Motor Trend's Truck of the Year the 2016 Colorado and Chevrolet Performance's LSX376 - B15 - a motor capable of producing over 1,000whp when you force some air into it. Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like being thankful for these amazing machines. No matter what you own or drive, or the project you're...

Published on: 11/25/15

5 Things We’re Thankful For - 2015

It’s that time of year again when we give thanks. For us, we’re thankful for some great products Chevrolet has introduced this past year that have us really excited to get behind the wheel next year. Let us know in the comments below what your favorites are...

Published on: 11/24/15

“Angie” - Larry Debevec’s ’61 Impala

The automotive community is a special place. Many families across the nation, and the world for that matter, are passionate about automobiles. What some families view as only a tool to get from point A to point B, many others consider to be a member of the family. That...

Published on: 11/23/15

Bela Receives Praise from Prominent Publications

Bela, our 1956 Bel Air Sport Sedan build, attended her first SEMA show just a couple weeks ago, and we were blown away by the fanfare she received. We don’t want you to take our word for it, so we have compiled...

Published on: 11/22/15

Weekend Overdrive: Nov 20 - 22

It's time for "Weekend Overdrive" on The BLOCK – your weekly motorsports and automotive show roundup. Each and every Friday, we'll provide you with all the dates and times you'll need to stay plugged into the world of Chevrolet motorsports and events over the weekend.


Published on: 11/20/15

WALLPAPER WEDNESDAY: 2016 Camaro Red Accent Package

At the 2015 SEMA Show, Chevrolet Performance unveiled their 2016 Camaro Red Accent Package to display to consumers the variety of customizing options available for their new car. Read more about the car from our SEMA coverage, here. While at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch for Chevrolet's Media Reception event, we were able to grab...

Published on: 11/18/15

LT4 - The Next in Resto-Moding

Straight from the C7 Z06, the all-new LT4 supercharged 6.2L V8 is the latest high-tech small-block crate engine from Chevrolet Performance.

Published on: 11/17/15

Less is More - Squarebody Syndicate’s 1974 Chevy...

Less is more. This phrase is not often heard in the automotive realm, especially at an event like SEMA. Many car and truck builders painstakingly work towards creating vehicles that are outlandish and wild. This, of course, is not necessarily a bad thing; many...

Published on: 11/16/15