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Part Number: 


Displacement (cu in): 


Bore x Stroke (in): 

4.065 x 3.622

Boost on a budget! That’s what you get with the LSX376. Chevrolet Performance takes the economical LSX Bowtie standard-deck block, adds blower-friendly 9.0:1 compression ratio and forged pistons and combines them with the LS3’s high-flow, rectangular-port heads to create an affordable foundation for supercharged and turbocharged combinations.

We deliver the LSX376 without an intake manifold and other accessories to keep the price lower and enable the installer to tailor the induction system to suit the blower or turbo system. Swap in the LSX376 in a vehicle originally equipped with an LS engine to give it a stronger bottom end for forced induction, or swap it into a street rod or classic muscle car body for a modern update.

Our horsepower and torque ratings are based on testing with the production-style, normally aspirated fuel-injection system. More power is attainable with a carbureted induction system, but there’s no telling how much power you can realize with a carefully tuned turbo or supercharger system! Check out our LS1 Engine Kit Installation Guide P/N 88959384 for details on installing an LS engine in a vintage vehicle.